Caribbean Weddings

Pre-Wedding ceremony and traditions

Caribbean weddings are a blend of African, European, and American cultures and have no actual pre-wedding traditions as such. The couple do have the engagement or engagement party prior to the wedding day. This is where both sides of the family get together to celebrate the fact that the couple will be starting a new life together. The bride will arrange a hen party and the groom will arrange a stag before the wedding, at which time the couple spend time with close friends and family to enjoy their late moments of single life.

Wedding Day

Caribbean weddings are traditionally held in church together with close family and friends. Generally, everyone is welcome to the wedding, especially during the procession that makes its way to the religious ceremony. Everyone that attends the wedding mingle with each other and may also follow the religious celebration in the church from outside the church.

The guests give gifts to the couple: this is often handicrafts and furniture for their home. Sometimes wedding lists are made by the couples to give to guests for ideas of wedding gifts that may be needed. In the UK wedding lists are very common and most couples do perfect their guests to provide gifts which they have listed and would use (e.g.; in their new home etc).

A Caribbean wedding reception often offers free-flowing rum punch and local dance is at the heart of the party. All guests at the reception dance, eat and drink until the end of the night.

The wedding cake is a huge cake with a traditional recipe passed down from generation to generation. In the Caribbean, wedding cakes are mainly made of the typical fruits of the islands, lots of dried fruits and alcohol. Some ingredients in these cakes are kept in jars for months before the wedding date which is a tradition that has been passed down. In the UK wedding cakes are not traditional.

The reception party is a lively event filled with loud music, dancing, toasts, food, and gifts, that tends to go all night.

Food served at the reception is usually fresh fish and produce, sweets, and curried meat. Fruit drinks and rum punches are the common beverages.

The cake is a dark, black, rich cake, which is a spiced fruit cake soaked in rum.

Day After the Wedding

The day after the wedding the couple start their first day of married life which is followed by a honeymoon. This is where the couple go away to enjoy and relax following the wedding.


‘Afro-Caribbean wedding are about close friends and family getting together to celebrate the couples big day with food, music, entertainment and gifts. There are no longer any old traditions that are carried out. It is more relaxed and according to the wishes of the couple and how they plan their own big day’.

There are a lot of similarities in weddings between other cultures, such as: giving the Bride away, and family and friends being a huge part of the couple’s special day, lots of food music and dance’.

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