I have learnt a lot from this project. I made new friends. I learnt Yoga which is so good for health. I enjoyed Healthy cooking course. Now I love making healthy food because good health is very important for me.
Avtar Kaur Rai

I have made new friends from different cultures. Now I have a reason to come out of the house. I look forward to come out and attend these classes.
I have learnt to improve my diet by eating healthy. We have been given lots of books on how to know more about nutritions. I am diabetic, I have learnt how to look after myself by improving my diet. I enjoy exercise classes.
Norma Romney

I have made new friends. I have lots of fun in the different classes. I learn about my health, about my community and find out what’s happening in Slough. This project makes me very happy. I have learnt how to be healthy and eat healthy food. All the classes are very informative and I love meeting other people.
Usha Kamboj

I have learnt lots of different skills. I have learnt gardening, yoga, exercise, healthy eating and music. I have made new friends. I now come out of the house more often. It has given me confidence. I have reduced my weight by 5 kgs. I have improved my English.
Surjit Kaur

I am 60 years old and I have enjoyed and learnt a lot from these classes. I have benefitted from the yoga and exercise classes. I learnt how to eat healthy food and stay in good health. I look forward to come for these sessions.
Usha bala Gossain