I wanted to say a massive thank you to you both and Balbir for organising the classes and the event! Balbir is an excellent teacher and we really appreciate all the time and effort she put into the giddha classes!

As you know, me and Benita had never danced to giddha and now we love it! We have not only learnt dance from these classes but also it has been an opportunity for me to spend time with my sister and niece and make new friends!

Thanks again and please do keep us informed of new classes!” Manpreet

I wish to thank you personally for organizing and facilitating Apna Virsa Programme for the South Asian Culture.I have thoroughly enjoyed my classes attended, plus have learnt a lot whilst at the Programme.Courses attend by myself are:   Bindi Class, Mayian Vatna Class, Bangra Classes, d Gidda Classes.

Bobbi and Seema have brought a lot of focus on Community Good Relations, bring the gap closer between the young and older group. Plus we know now what to do at Wedding & our Culture, Values and respect for our Traditions. Everyone is talking about this programme now at Weddings, Schools plus the Teachers (students in class).” Amar Obhie

It was my pleasure to attend, at your invitation, the Vivaah (Wedding) Project celebratory Event on Friday the 18th Sept. 2009 at West Wing, Slough. Let me assure you that I enjoyed every moment of almost two and half hour programme. The performers/participants displayed perfectly the various aspects of South East Asian Wedding Scenes learnt by them through the workshops conducted by able and experienced tutors under the guidance of the project organisers. Dances including Bhangra and several forms of wedding songs were diligently selected and well rehearsed. Thunderous applause from the audience during and after the presentation of each item was a proof of its perfection. This splended way to keep the people attached to their rich heritage is highly appreciated. I congratulate Ran Dhillon the Chairperson of the Vivaah (Wedding) Project and Seema and Boby its co-ordinators on such a brilliant success of the hard work they put into the Project. They must have worked with utmost team spirit to conclude the Project so successfully. I am sure, I voice the feelings and wishes of most people in Slough, especially those of the South East Asian origin, when I say that this wonderful team should continue undertaking similar projects for the benefit of our people.
Best wishes and kind regards.” Siri Ram Sharma “Meeth”