Many of the participants learnt new skills in several different areas through the workshops they attended throughout the project. New skills were learnt, and existing skills developed in cookery, communication skills, interviewing techniques, how to use digital recording equipment and exhibition design.

  • “I learnt how to make new dishes that I’m going to try out at home”

“I really enjoyed learning how to cook and the different tips we were given were helpful

The young people really enjoyed participating in the project, they particularly enjoyed meeting the older people and sharing experiences and enjoyment of food together.

  • “I loved learning how different people cooked the foods they love to eat”

“I found it really lovely to see how the older generations enjoyed sharing their recipes and traditions with us”

Young people gained knowledge and understanding of traditional cookery methods and food preparation in India, as well as learning about different foods and customs associated with religious and cultural celebrations. “Taking part in the interviews was great, the idea of bonding through food was great as it’s something that we all love and I found out lots of information about cooking in India”