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The Step Up 4 Seniors Challenge

During May and June 2020 we ran an online dance challenge to get seniors up and moving from the comfort of their homes.

The Step Up 4 Seniors Challenge saw Bhangra teacher Jasmine Cheema record a routine for the members to dance to, which was posted to social media. 

Scores of seniors did a jig from their own homes – and we brought these together for a giant video, as if they were back together again despite the lockdown.

Members then respectively practised at home and recorded themselves doing the routine once they were ready.  Their videos were edited together to produce a final music video, giving the impression they were all dancing together.

Amazingly, even seniors who were in their late 80s took part. 

Before lockdown, the majority of the seniors had attended Bhangra dancing for the over 50s in Slough on a weekly basis. But when the coronavirus measures kicked in they were confined to their homes and could no longer dance together. 

The challenge not only promoted wellbeing and encouraged them to exercise more, but brought the members together albeit in a different way given the challenging circumstances. 

Free Online Exercise Classes During The Pandemic 2020/2021

Since the first lockdown in March 2020, we have run a consolidated series of classes online so people won’t miss out on keeping fit, moving and generally taking care of their wellbeing.

Youngsters take part in one of our fast Bhangra classes in 2020 via the Facebook account.

With the help and commitment of our fabulous instructors, we have continued to deliver yoga-pilates, yoga, and bhangra classes on Facebook live and Instagram.

In fact, we initially delivered both a fast-bhangra class and a class for those veterans who wanted to go a little slower.

One of our seniors gives slow Bhangra a go in the morning via Facebook. Participants used whatever space they could to try and keep fit during the lockdown.

Our viewing figures have been staggering with up to 500 live views on a weekly basis, and thousands more during the course of the week as people do their own pre-recorded “catch up”.

Plus children as young as three, seniors in their late 80s and those in wheelchairs have taken part. What a result!

Here, one of our male seniors performs a yoga move with the help of our teacher leading the session on Facebook.


It was touching how many people took part. Here, a brother and sister have a go from the comfort of their own home.

Special thanks go to Priya, Kiran, Jasmine and Kay, whose hard work has enabled thousands of our followers, and people further afield, to stay sane and connected during the pandemic.