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The Brain-teasers quiz series

During June and July, 2021 we ran a fun series of online quiz videos for people to challenge themselves with.

Called Brain-teasers, the series was presented by our yoga teacher Kiran’s eight-year-old son, Dom.

Every week, people were given a new general-knowledge brain-teaser with three clues to help them guess it.

Dom proved a real star on the project. He read out three clues for each brain-teaser we came up with.

Participants could leave their answers on the social media posts on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, before we revealed the correct answer at the weekend.

To say Dom was merely a natural in front of the camera was a massive understatement!

Injecting humour and timing, our budding presenter gave us all a lift, and you never know, it could be the start of something more serious for him.

Dom came up with all sorts of humorous ways to present the videos. He also spoke like a pro who’d been voice trained! Well done Dom!

This experimental project was in response to surveys from Apna Virsa regulars, who said they’d like more quiz/fun orientated content on our social media channels.

It’s clear that people had wanted something to help take their minds off things, especially with the ongoing stress and uncertainty surrounding the pandemic.

Big thanks go to Dom and Kiran for agreeing to help us with this, and for everyone who participated online.