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#Cake4Caring online event 

To celebrate those special ones in our lives who’d made the national lockdown a little easier, we staged a remote cake-baking event in August 2020. 

Using the hashtag #Cake4Caring, we encouraged people on our social media accounts to bake a cake from home for their special person.

Participants were encouraged to bake their own cake and give it to a loved one where possible. Here are some of the lucky recipients and bakers!

Once done, they had to upload a picture of themselves with the finished cake – whilst nominating who they were giving it to and why. 

The weekend of baking saw Ozlem record two video demonstrations for members to follow if they didn’t know what kind of cake they wanted to bake.   

We had such a terrific variety of bakes from the August weekend event: Here are just a sample that were posted online.

But the most touching part was seeing who the cakes were made for, which included little granddaughters and separately partners who’d performed errands for their loved ones whilst they’d been shielding from the coronavirus. Upwards of 30 people took part. 

And the following week a collage of images of everyone’s cakes was pieced together.

Apna Virsa’s Recipe Channel

In May 2020 we launched our own YouTube channel to provide some cooking inspiration for people from home.

Ozlem demonstrated the perfect prawn salad amongst other dishes. Everything was filmed from her home.

Ozlem uploaded weekly cooking videos of a variety of different dishes, with the recipe and method outlined alongside each post.

Some of the most popular recipes, with the most views, have included her lentil bread, mango salad and Turkish zucchini.

What’s more delicious than a prawn pasta dish? Surprisingly, it wasn’t one of our most popular posts but still did well. Followers were always advised to follow the information provided as well as the video.

The channel was also utilised for the #Cake4Caring event where Ozlem baked two different cakes for people to consider baking themselves on the August weekend celebration.