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Slough digital ambassadors

Thanks to a new stream of funding, we were able to deliver a package of IT-based learning to help people improve their life skills. 

This had never been delivered before by Apna Virsa, but the pandemic had seen so many members of our community suffer as a result of being stuck at home, without a full range of computer skills. 

Therefore we started slowly but surely, posting eight step-by-step IT tutorials for people to watch on our Facebook channels during September and October, 2021. 

The series of Zoom videos were aimed at helping people who’d never signed up for an account or used the programme.

We took PC users through the process of signing up for a Zoom account, essential given so many now use it.

Nic produced and hosted the videos, which were designed to be as easy to follow as possible.

These were made and narrated by Nic, and included a series on how to navigate and use the video-call platform, Zoom

Other videos centered around helping people to improve their smartphone skills, especially using different features on WhatsApp. 

These included how to record voice messages, use dictation instead of the keyboard, and share their location with friends and loved ones.   

We also delivered several talks at our exercise classes to make people aware of online scams, how to recognise and avoid them. 

For this, we became a member of Friends Against Scams, and were even recognised as Scam Champions for completing the relevant training! 

Separately, we began our in-person IT classes in Slough, teaching our senior stars new skills on tablets which we were able to purchase.

The IT classes have given confidence to our senior students, and they have a tablet each to enable them to take part.

Delivering essential skills became a priority for Apna Virsa after witnessing the difficulties encountered by so many during the pandemic.

These classes are ongoing, and we’re continuing to apply for alternative funding to deliver more IT based teaching. The teacher delivering these for us so far is Urusa Ahmed. 

The first round of funding came from the NHS Volunteer Responders Accessibility Grants.