Slough’s Community Ambassadors project for 50+ (2014-2017)

Slough’s Community Ambassadors project was funded through People’s Health trust. It involved working with older people (50+) from the South Asian community living in the selected wards in Slough who are at the risk of social or emotional isolation, with low educational attainment, are hard to reach and suffering from poor health and wellbeing.

As a part of this project, various activities were delivered around health, social skills, community engagement and combating social isolation. Over 100 people who are aged 50 and over took part in this project and benefitted immensely.


Main outcomes of this project:

100% of participants reported that they have increased physical activities, feel in better health and feel happier living in Slough.

The project gave participants an increase in confidence and social and personal skills, helping them to build friendships and connections in their community. 100% of participants reported increased self esteem and had made connection/friendship with minimum 10 new people.

The project gave participants an increased sense of belonging to the community and   the opportunity to be an active member of the community.On the basis of feedback received, tutor observations and peer feedback, 62% are being active, showing interests in community engagement