Apni Gap Shap – January 2015

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We are so pleased to be launching our very first newsletter thanks to the very very hard work put in by one of our new volunteers, Ms Billy Deol.  She spent many hours putting it all together for us, including all the fabulous pictures, so we really hope you enjoy reading some of the highlights from 2014 and seeing what is forthcoming over the next few months.  Thanks again @Billy 🙂

It includes all the details about some of our regular course, including the bhangra courses starting next week, and some new projects.
Not to forget, the forthcoming Lohri Dinner & Dance on 16th January at Riverside Venue  –  another first for us !
Feedback would be very much appreciated as we are looking at making this either an annual newsletter or maybe every 6 months?  What do you think?

We are once again going through the process of cleaning up our database of contacts so if you wish to be removed from this circulation list please do email us and we will action  promptly.  If you receive duplicate copies for any reason, again let us know.

Hope everyone enjoyed a bit of a break over Xmas.

Best Regards
Bobbi & Seema
Apna Virsa