Bhangra and Gidha dance Classes

We run Bhangra and Gidha dance classes for Kids, Adults and older people through out the year.

Some of our popular dance classes are:

Adult Classes are for 17 Years and over. Beginners do not require any previous dance ability. Enrolment to Improvers and Intermediate courses is by tutor assessment.

Please contact us to find out dates for our different terms and how to enrol.



Marriage of Memories

Funded by Heritage Lottery Fund, Marriage of Memories is an exciting project to explore and learn about the cultural heritage of many different wedding rituals, historical traditions & customs of the diverse population. An opportunity to Learn and share about your own as well as others heritage and culture related to weddings. Project involves Research, workshops and exhibitions on different rituals of weddings.

To register your interest or if you would like further information, please contact us via Email:

Health and Wellbeing project in Maidenhead

We are running a community engagement pilot project in Maidenhead, with the objective of developing up to 45 older people (50+) from the wider community as “Community Health & Wellbeing Ambassadors” who will promote and share the benefits of healthy eating, regular physical activity and celebrating our culture amongst the wider community. This project is funded through Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. We have weekly sessions of activities to focus on health, bringing people together to reduce social isolation, build confidence and support mental wellbeing. This project involves providing culturally appropriate opportunities for participants to be active and exercise.

Space Project

This project is funded by SPACE through Slough Council for Voluntary Services. The project is aimed for different sections of community including vulnerable adults, people who are 50 yrs and above, Carers, people suffering from social isolation, lone parents, new arrivals and people with poor health and wellbeing.

Minority ethnic older people in the borough need more accessible, local and affordable daytime opportunities for social integration to address problems of isolation. Our project specifically targets this client group and provides activities to promote healthy social engagement, opportunities to make new friends and connections and improved health through increased participation in health and fitness activities.

We are aiming to reach over 350 people through this project addressing social isolation, Wellbeing and health, Volunteering opportunities and increased community engagement.

70th Years of Indian Independence

This project was funded through Big Lottery fund as a part of celebrate funding. It aimed to establish a project which enabled the community of Slough to come together to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Indian independence on the 15th August 2017 and also sharing stories of partition. It was a humble effort to pay homage to all those who lost their lives during freedom fight and partition, making wider community aware about our history and the sad stories around partition as well as celebrating 70 years of India and UK relationship.


The project commenced in January 2017 through a programme of music, dance, food and craft based workshops, which took place in various locations across Slough, culminating in a public “Indian extravaganza” event taking place in August 2017.


Our approach was to organise a diverse range of workshop activities intended to provide something for everyone, irrespective of their age or background, with the objective of showcasing Indian culture and diversity with the wider Slough Community. In this context, activities and the public event was designed to share the diversity of different regions of India.


The project provided a fantastic opportunity for the Indian community in Slough to share our celebration of the anniversary of Indian Independence with the wider communities in Slough. Diversity was intended to be a key theme of the project and by highlighting/celebrating diversity in Indian culture we wanted to promote the principles of engagement and integration across communities, with the objective building tolerance and understanding of cultural differences amongst local communities.

Slough’s Community Ambassadors project for 50+ (2014-2017)

Slough’s Community Ambassadors project was funded through People’s Health trust. It involved working with older people (50+) from the South Asian community living in the selected wards in Slough who are at the risk of social or emotional isolation, with low educational attainment, are hard to reach and suffering from poor health and wellbeing.

As a part of this project, various activities were delivered around health, social skills, community engagement and combating social isolation. Over 100 people who are aged 50 and over took part in this project and benefitted immensely.


Main outcomes of this project:

100% of participants reported that they have increased physical activities, feel in better health and feel happier living in Slough.

The project gave participants an increase in confidence and social and personal skills, helping them to build friendships and connections in their community. 100% of participants reported increased self esteem and had made connection/friendship with minimum 10 new people.

The project gave participants an increased sense of belonging to the community and   the opportunity to be an active member of the community.On the basis of feedback received, tutor observations and peer feedback, 62% are being active, showing interests in community engagement