Southall Project

We ran a one year project to increase the involvement of women in Southall particularly BME women in sport & physical activity. The London Community Foundation funded this project. Activities included:

5 courses over 10 weeks on Bhangra Aerobics, Bollywood dancing

2 Courses over 5 weeks on Bhangra for fitness

2 courses of 2 hours taster sessions on Bhangra for all

We engaged over 100 women with low self esteem to engage into an informal learning in order to raise their confidence & will eventually help them to tackle their problem of feelings of isolation, rejection and exclusion.

Our project made a huge difference to our service users. Some of the differences that came out very strongly were:

  • Increased physical activity
  • Increase in Self esteem and Confidence
  • Improved social life, made more friends
  • Improved participation in informal learning.

We did feedback sessions at the end of the each course. A continuous demand and high attendance at the courses was another way of finding out how much difference our project has made.

Vivaah-Our Weddings

Vivaah was one of the earliest projects of Apna Virsa and was funded by Heritage Lottery fund in Sept 2009.The essence of this project was to provide learners with the opportunity to learn about South Asian Weddings and the traditional arts associated with them. South Asian Weddings include a series of rituals, preparations and ceremonies and there is a growing need of passing this heritage to future generations, share with other communities and to explore and enjoy the heritage.

Learners had an opportunity through this project to develop their creative abilities and cultural awareness about pre wedding and post wedding ceremonies through the series of workshops/courses, events and sharing and learning from each other. This was an opportunity of embracing culture and a creative way to keep in touch with their roots

Few of the courses for Vivaah project were:

  • How to play a dholki
  • Wedding songs
  • Rangoli
  • Maayia/vatna ceremony preparation
  • Preparing for Jago
  • Giddha
  • Bhangra
  • Bollywood Dance
  • How to play a Dhol

Over 200 people participated in this project including secong generation Asians in learning about the customs and traditions of the homeland as well as raising awareness of arts, crafts, dance, musical activities from the South Asian culture.