Fit 4 Yoga challenge: #fit4yogaAV

Since February, 2021 we’ve been running the Fit 4 Yoga challenge, a new, fun way for people to learn a different yoga move every week from one of our experts.

The project is for anyone who wants to have a go, whilst having a chance to win a prize if they do a yoga move particularly well.

It’s of course health based, with an emphasis on strengthening, toning, and making the body more flexible.

A collage of those who took part in Week 1 of the challenge: practising from the comfort of their own home.

The project is being led by our mainstay teachers, Kiran Shashi and Kay Zebzabi, for a period of six weeks, and already we’re seeing a committed level of participation, especially from our senior ladies.

Every Tuesday, we post a video on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp demonstrating the week’s yoga move. It’s incredibly short and simple – no longer than two minutes. We also include a photo of the final poses at three different levels of difficulty.

Kiran has already led Week 1 of the challenge: these are the finishing poses which participants had to follow.

Kay Zebzabi’s Warrior 2 pose, shown here at three different levels of difficulty. Having different levels has allowed people to practice the pose most suitable to them.

Participants can then spend as much time as they like during the week practising the move, before submitting a photo of their final pose/s to us by Saturday evening.

Then on Mondays, we nominate three “stars of the week” – people who have performed the pose particularly well.

By the end of the six weeks, this coming Easter, all of our stars will go into a draw to win prizes!

So if you haven’t already, why not take a look at social media on Tuesdays to catch the Fit 4 Yoga challenge!